The Birth

It comes from a journey, or rather an idea of life. We wanted to make a journey slowly, savoring every moment that life gave us, enjoying views, sunrises and sunsets riding our bikes in total autonomy.

The project was there, we left, the track was Bardonecchia-Gibraltar in 20 days. Let’s just say we didn’t enjoy it the way we wanted, too many miles and a few days. But from every mistake you learn and now our slug continues to travel slowly, with long and short-term dreams and projects lived to the full.

We’re two freelancers, maybe freer than professionals. We could say so: professionals free to decide how and when of their existence. We make mistakes, we fall, we argue almost every day, but we always get up aware of what and how he wants to be. Ride different is our home, an open door on the world in which we try to always look at us with smiles and sympathy.