The biker, the mechanical part
and thoughtful of the couple.

Born free spirit, loves to be outdoors and devote himself to manual work. If you get to know him a little better he will tell you about his gourds received at the age of 8 years (underlining the fact that for him the real games were those, not the cars).

From there on a small craftsman was born, first with the works in wood and then switch to be a bicycle mechanic.

Passionate about all kinds of sports, he always launches in trying new emotions (but don’t let him run, but he has already tried the runner and it didn’t go very well….).

We start with skateboarding, climbing and diving. But true love is for MTB. With her she starts to look for all kinds of downhill super flow or “roots-ish”, specializes by becoming master of the cycling federation and mountain bike guide and to date has combined passion and work. It refurbishes those that are the oldest and most faithful vehicles in the world and in your free time you will find it on some trail to jump like a chamois.