A week after the launch of the new Cascadia, here we go to discover its characteristics.

The news was presented at the Lavaredo Ultra Trail in Cortina d’Ampezzo where it was given the opportunity to attend the press conferences at the Brooks house and test the new Cascadia both in training and participating in the various competitions that the organization offered.

Immediately it was a comfortable, comfortable and safe shoe. It is able to offer safety and protection even on the most inaccessible stretches of any path. This is because there are vertical carvings under the sole of the shoe, which support the lateral support protecting the foot from roots and pointed stones. This technology is the Ballistic Rock Shield by Brooks.

Another innovation is DNA loft v2. It makes the new Cascadia 10% softer than previous versions and is 20% lighter. In addition to this, Brooks added even more foam to the midsole to offer an additional level of comfort.

Better adaptability to soil type. The new midsole and sole structure has exclusive grooves that allow the foot to adapt easily to the ground, improving the stability of support.



The runner tested them on different training fields, with various terrain and in the race (fast and technical).
The new Cascadia 16 has an over-the-top comfort that makes it perfect for technical tracks but at the same time long.
In the short distance they are little reactive and for those with a small foot they could be wide on the part of the fingers.
They well cushion the impact on the ground, whether with rocks and stones or a comfortable dirt road.
Those who like to run steady and make long distances, is the ideal shoe.