The comfort and grip made with grips branded PNW Components.

Californian brand, born from bikers for bikers, offers the lifetime warranty on their products and the digital support necessary to cope with any problem or doubt that the customer finds.


The test was carried out by both of them this time, on different fields. Andrea on alpine tours and trails.
Enrica on gravel exits alternated by road routes.

The first impression was of knobs a little too thick for what are our needs. Once upright, however, in addition to being beautiful aesthetically (we speak of a choice of 9 different colors!!) proved to be very comfortable but with an excellent grip.

This is because they were created with a double compound to get the most out of driving.

Andrea immediately noticed the excellent grip and comfort when raida on the most ruined and technical trails, always feeling to have an excellent grip on the handlebars. So despite the little material in the middle of the knob, it has the most reinforced outer part to absorb all vibrations and safeguard hands and wrists in longer turns.

This point we believe is crucial for a good knob.

Going into the runner’s test, we move into the gravel and road, where the hands are often in the same position. In addition to the points listed above, we would like to dwell on the fact that they remain very “fresh”. The hands do not sweat in warm periods and this makes you always have a great hold, without risking to slip.

The softer area allows you to have a relief on the palms.
The compounds have been created to last a long time and support the rides on your bikes.

Last note that the runner always observes is the packaging. In this case a paper box with alpine graphics encloses this component. Really simple but effective.