Known among the most demanding riders and not only, the PNW handlebar we know is a reliable component and relaxed geometries.

At Ride Different we tested it in various contexts, from the Alpine tour to the bike park, finding a real support for the back and shoulders very stressed by bike.

Created with 2014 – T73 aluminum, it is light and has properties very similar to carbon. Instead, speaking of numbers, we find an interesting novelty.

Until now, the PNW brand had not yet launched on what is now becoming the new standard, as they wanted to be sure to create something that did not differ from the comfortable product we talked about above.

But these days they have removed the reserve and here they present the handlebar RANGE GEN 3, saying so:

“Everybody loves corndogs, right? Wrong! In a hotly contested debate, we learned that corn dogs aren’t for all of us. Which naturally brings us to the 31.8mm vs 35mm diameter dispute. We held off on making a 35mm bar until we could turn one out that we wanted to ride ourselves. Enter the Range Handlebar Gen 3, through a combo of 2014 aluminum and smart butting profiles, we made sure this larger diameter bar is an absolute dream to pilot”

PNW Components

In essence, until they were sure to create something really ‘dream’, they studied and stalled.

Here are the changes today!

They have widened the handlebar by 20mm but removing almost 25 g of weight. This was possible by modifying the bar profile to use less material.
The backsweep remained unchanged (10,0) as well as the 5 upsweep happen. The rise of 30 yrs. and there is always a lifetime warranty on this as for all products in the Californian home.

In short, they have adapted to what are the new trends while maintaining the comfort of which is known this handlebar.

Now you just have to test it.

The cost is 60 euros and can be pre-ordered on the website or on the Ride Different page. Available from September.